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Long gone are the days of marketing being a choice between printed adverts, broadcast or directory listings. Today, marketing your business encompasses so many channels, all requiring expert knowledge that knowing how to approach it can be bewildering.

  • I just don’t know where to start?
  • What should I do and how often?
  • Is my website any good?
  • I haven’t got the time / budget / confidence (or all three)?
  • I’ve done ‘stuff’ in the past, but have no idea if it made a difference?
  • What’s the latest trend and how technically experienced do I need to be?

If this all sounds too familiar then you are not alone. That’s why we have created this workshop, to help businesses like yours make sense of the marketing mayhem! Unless you’re dedicating all your time to marketing, you can’t possibly expect to cover all channels and the content that is required, but the great news is that you don’t need to.

The day is designed to help you identify which prospects and customers you need to reach to make the most difference to your business, enabling you to focus your efforts, balancing time, resource and cost and helping you create a common sense approach to planning your marketing.



Anyone who needs to do their own marketing. Whether you’re taking the first steps or looking to improve your current marketing, this workshop will be the kick start you need.

Regardless of your sector and whether you sell direct to consumers or business, the same questions apply. WHO am I targeting with WHAT message to be relevant and HOW best can I do this.



We’re all consumers, we have all experienced marketing that works and lots that doesn’t. The most important factor in successful marketing is RELEVANCE.

We’ll walk through a simple yet effective 5 step approach to creating that relevance. A frame-work that you’ll be able to use time and time again.

You’ll gain expert advice on how to review your website and maximise its performance.

Once we know what to say to which prospects and customers we can work out how.

We’ll look at some of the most common marketing approaches and channels, explore their strengths and weakness and start to put together a marketing plan that works for your customers (and so for you)

This hands-on, interactive and fun workshop is delivered by an experienced marketing practitioner. Theory and real world experience are blended together to maximum benefit.

Our focus will be on the things that are going to make your marketing efforts produce maximum results, with a controlled budget and defined return on investment.

To keep you energised refreshments through the day and lunch are included in the cost of the workshop.


  • Your marketing plan and measurement framework, with guided completion during the workshop
  • A guide to the most common marketing channels and approaches and how and when to use them
  • Top tips on how to review and maximise your website content
  • A copy of all the material presented plus tips, tricks, examples and further resources to reference
  • The chance to share and discuss common issues and concerns with like-minded individuals
  • Leave excited and ready to find, convert and retain your new customers



No soulless hotel room for you. Get inspired from a very special period property in the heart of Newport Pagnell. Built in 1877 this Grade 2 listed property represents one of the most historic buildings in the area with a rich history relating to the manufacture of mustard and mineral water. Its rich heritage is still evident throughout the property such as the stained glass windows on the ground floor.

Recently renovated the building is now a perfect mix of old and new, offering unique character along with a modern working environment.


“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power”. Brian Tracy



It's nice and simple: We'll invoice you for the full amount of the course 30 days before the workshop attendance date. This invoice will be due for payment in full by 14 days before the course attendance date. Attendance dates can be amended (where possible) if requested before 14 days of the booked attendance date. Cancellations made before 14 days of attendance date can be made with a full refund. From 14 days of the workshop attendance date, full payment is required, regardless of attendance on the day. We reserve the right to cancel or arrange an alternative date for a course. In the event of cancellation, you will be entitled to a full refund of the course fee, but Twist will not be liable for any other loss or expense arising. We reserve the right to cancel or arrange an alternative date for a course. In the event of cancellation, you will be entitled to a full refund of the course fee, but Twist will not be liable for any other loss or expense arising.

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