Reshaping Data | Engagement | Loyalty

Reshaping Data | Engagement | Loyalty Reshaping Data | Engagement | Loyalty

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Expertise and credibility bring sales success. Credibility is developed from an ability to understand ‘your’ customer, across their ambitions, objectives and barriers to success. This course gives you that insight, enabling you to create meaningful conversations rather than just presenting product features.

B2B buyers are more informed than ever, but this gives you more opportunities to engage. Learn how to map, asses and influence the customer touch-points to maximise on this.

  • How well do you understand each type of audience you have, from prospect to VIP?
  • How do you ensure your message is relevant to their needs, at that moment in time?
  • What is the most effective marketing approach to take based on their relationship with you?
  • Do your Client Account Plans enable relationship growth and business development?
  • How are you measuring customer feedback and how is this used to drive future improvement?

Our 8-step guide provides a structured step stone approach to understanding your customers and the framework to implement quick and simple development plans to create profitable relationships.


  • Sales and Marketing teams where a consultative approach is key
  • Account and Success teams where solution over service differentiates you
  • Agency and SaaS businesses where relationships drive revenue and profitability


  • The B2B Landscape: What makes B2B sales different & what is loyalty
  • Objectives and Targets: What can you measure & creating SMART objectives
  • Solutions and Services: Develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Customer profiling: How to create a structured account plan
  • Relevant messages: Use what you know & develop a solution maturity model
  • When and How to contact: Creating relevance at each stage of the customer life-cycle
  • The customer voice: Take your customers ‘pulse.’ How can you gain feedback
  • Be a trusted advisor: Measure Trust as an equation

To keep you energised refreshments through the day and lunch are included in the cost of the workshop.


  • A framework to define objectives, positioning and communication methods with guided completion during the course
  • Client Account Plan outline and SWOT analysis
  • Templates for stakeholder mapping, customer profiling and touch-point mapping
  • Product/solution maturity model
  • Your key campaign planner based on the customer life stage
  • A copy of all the material presented plus tips, tricks, examples and further resources to reference
  • The chance to share and discuss common issues and concerns with like-minded individuals
  • Leave excited and ready to find, convert and retain your new customers



No soulless hotel room for you. Get inspired from a very special period property in the heart of Newport Pagnell. Built in 1877 this Grade 2 listed property represents one of the most historic buildings in the area with a rich history relating to the manufacture of mustard and mineral water. Its rich heritage is still evident throughout the property such as the stained glass windows on the ground floor.

Recently renovated the building is now a perfect mix of old and new, offering unique character along with a modern working environment.


“A competitor can copy your product, spend more on advertising or offer a lower price, but the one thing a competitor can never do is copy your relationships.”



It's nice and simple: We'll invoice you for the full amount of the course 30 days before the workshop attendance date. This invoice will be due for payment in full by 14 days before the course attendance date. Attendance dates can be amended (where possible) if requested before 14 days of the booked attendance date. Cancellations made before 14 days of attendance date can be made with a full refund. From 14 days of the workshop attendance date, full payment is required, regardless of attendance on the day.

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